Freight Forwarding

Freight arrangement
  • freight planning;
  • drawing up of logistics scheme;
  • filling in freight request;
  • filling in waybills;
  • freight re-consigning en-route and at the original destination station;
  • issuance of settled waybill;
  • filing a claim against railway in respect to carriage performance;
  • producing freight request to railway;
  • coordination of freight request with railway;
  • coordination of combined freight  with other forwarders;
  • receiving the request approved by railway and handing it to freight owner/consignor;
  • submitting waybills for railway's approval;
  • receiving the waybill approved by railway and handing it to consignor;
  • producing the waybill to railway after cargo is loaded into a car (container);
  • obtaining from railway a receipt on cargo acceptance for shipping and handing it in to a consignor.