Lock And Seal Devices

Production of lock and seal devices "Varta – Universal M" and "Varta M".

Lock-and-seal devices (in Russian transcription - ZPU) are power security disposable devices designed for ensuring safety of cargo carried by any transport means and kept in storehouses as well as ensuring reliable protection against unauthorized entry to cars, trucks and locked premises. 

  • "Varta-Universal M" ZPU, Technical Requirements of Ukraine 01057491.013-99 designed for placing on all kinds of rolling-stock when dispatching cargoes. 
  • "Varta M" ZPU, Technical Requirements of Ukraine 32.01.057491.023-2000 designed for sealing specialized tank-cars on transporting liquefied gas and acids; motor vans, warehouses and objects under customs control. 

ZPU are certified for application in Ukraine; they have passed criminalistic, fire and technical expert examination of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and have been approved for sealing cargoes exporting to CIS, Baltic and West-European countries. 

We are able to manufacture practically any quantity of ZPU in the shortest possible period. We can send ZPU via railway luggage departments to any stations of Ukraine. 

Figure of lock-and-seal device.