Oversized Cargo Transportation

Arrangement of oversized cargo transportation
List of shipped equipment:
- Drilling rigs, heavy duty wheel and caterpillar truck cranes, equipment for chemical and metallurgical industry, tractive locomotives, turbines for power stations and other equipment. 
Geography of shipments: 
- Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Iraq, India, China, Germany, Poland and others.

Package of services rendered when arranging the railway, road and sea transportation of oversized cargo:

  • Development, co-ordination and approval of cargo loading and fasting scheme.  
  • Coordination and approval of road train routes with oversized/heavy weight cargoes with interested organizations:
    • Ukravtodor 
    • Ukrgolovmostekspertiza 
    • Ukrmagistral 
    • Ukrtelecom 
    • Oblenergo 
  • Tram and trolleybus authorities 
  • Owners of railway crossroads on the route 
  • Arrangement of cargo delivery (if necessary) to the rail siding of dispatch station. 
  • Arrangement of cargo loading and fastening onto the rolling stock or truck platform.
  • Obtaining necessary certificates. 
  • Customs clearance of cargo. 


Photo. Loading of oversized equipment onto the low-bed trailer in port of Mariupol city.